Who We Are

MASS Engines drives revenue growth for B2B companies by building best-in-class lead management systems.

We map and automate the customer journey to increase deal velocity and closure, enabling enterprise organizations like Samsung, Intel and Informa to optimize lead flow and transform their funnel. We cover the spectrum of marketing and sales automation technology, from attribution reporting and adaptive nurturing, to performance assessments and marketing operations improvements. Our change management philosophy and proven four step technology adoption framework are supported by an experienced team who partner with clients to drive system adoption and deliver measurable results.

Our Core Values

At MASS Engines we are driven by our core values of ownership, quality, integrity, hardwork, and teamwork. These values inform our vision of applying scientific principles to the art of revenue creation. We have made it our mission to partner with B2B enterprise organizations committed to transforming and enhancing their revenue engines.

  • We are owners. 
    We look beyond today.
  • Quality is key.
    It serves as the measure of our success.
  • We act with integrity. 
    We mean what we say and say what we mean.
  • We thrive as a team. 
    We succeed or fail together.
  • We work hard. 
    It’s as simple as that.

What We Do

MASS Engines is a MarTech consultancy with a big-picture vision. Through our established marketing transformation process and change management approach, we empower organizations to shift from siloed to collaborative systems. Unlike other MarTech consultancies, we don’t just help companies set up marketing and sales tools – we make sure they see true results from their investment.

Experience You Can Count On


MarTech projects


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Marketing and sales processes aligned

How We Do It

MASS Engines combines technical expertise with ROI-focused business strategy.

We empower sales and marketing stakeholders to understand what really impacts their bottom line, offering proven best practices to increase collaboration and generate revenue. From AI-enabled predictive analytics to highly responsive targeting and personalization, MASS works to identify, implement and optimize powerful solutions that deliver results.

Here are a few of the ways we have helped companies like yours revolutionize their sales and marketing systems:

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CRM and MarTech implementation and optimization.

Define KPI and Reporting Icon

Data-driven, personalized lead nurturing frameworks.

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Closed-loop and attribution reporting for all aspects of your funnel.

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Account-based and revenue marketing strategies.

Top and Mid Funnel Insights Icon

Lead scoring and definition of MQLs and SQLs.

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Training, adoption and team alignment for new methods and tools.

Client Success Stories

Discover companies like yours who have seen measurable results.

Marketing Automation Case Study


MASS Engines transformed Intel's Enterprise Lead Generation. Learn more about the framework we built to relaunch Intel's marketing automation.

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Attribution Reporting for Samsung Powered by MASS Engines


MASS Engines created huge impact on Samsung's funnel through attribution reporting. Learn how we helped Samsung successfully implement an attribution reporting model to accurately track MQL conversion points, velocity, and source.

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Eloqua Implementation Case Study - Informa Engage

Informa Engage

Discover how MASS Engines led an award-winning implementation of a marketing automation solution for Informa Engage.

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“MASS Engines is one of the few agencies that sees marketing automation from the point of view of business rather than technology. They look at it not from the bottom up based on what the technology is capable of doing, but rather from the top down focusing on the marketing and business side with an eye to how technology can support strategy.”

Senior Director of Customer Experience at Intel
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