Multiple individuals often collaborate to make major B2B buying decisions. Despite this reality, marketers tend to target one person at a time.

When you don’t synchronize marketing messages for people in the same company or buying group, you risk not influencing the right people at the right time. This can slow down the buyer journey – or worse, convince a business to leave your funnel altogether.

MASS Engines helps your sales and marketing teams influence the whole B2B buyer journey, with account based marketing (ABM) approaches that respond to multiple stakeholders under each account. We help you identify and nurture decision makers, sending personalized messages and tracking buyer journeys in tandem to improve close rates and pass deeper insights along to your sales teams.

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a growing team, here’s how MASS can help you maximize your bottom-line results with ABM consulting.

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Deploy highly relevant messages for each role in an account, increasing engagement and driving conversions.

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Empower all stakeholders to improve performance with training on ABM concepts, tools and techniques.

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Measure the effectiveness of marketing touchpoints across an account, improving insights to make better decisions.

Why does ABM training matter for your business?

Account-based marketing can:

  • Increase close rates by empowering salespeople with more data about account influencers and an account’s journey through the funnel.
  • Identify clear selling opportunities by understanding how account stakeholders engage with your content.
  • Accelerate your funnel by aligning the messages shown to different stakeholders for a consistent and engaging brand experience.

Here is what Fortune 500 companies saw when they implemented one of our recommended ABM platforms and strategies effectively:

Higher Win Rates with Target Accounts

Higher Revenue in Target Accounts

Source: Lattice Engines

The MASS Approach

We manage the risks to drive revenue.

Implementing any new process comes with its share of concerns. Will people actually use these tactics? Will our ABM-powered funnel have leaks? How long will this take? MASS’ experts are trained in risk and change management. Our planning and consultation process ensures a comprehensive, clear, and timely implementation.

We empower your teams for true adoption.

Once we identify the best ABM strategies we work hard to make sure your teams use them. Our training system motivates adoption by making a clear business case for each new process. We get your teams excited about the potential new technologies can bring, providing best practices and maintaining accountability with a reporting framework and regular reviews.

We go beyond technology to find real solutions.

Unlike other Martech experts, our focus isn’t technical. Instead, we analyze your entire marketing and sales infrastructure to identify the most effective way to implement ABM approaches for your business. Then, we support you with change management, training, and reporting to maximize your results.

“MASS Engines is one of the few agencies that sees marketing automation from the point of view of business rather than technology. They look at it not from the bottom up based on what the technology is capable of doing, but rather from the top down focusing on the marketing and business side with an eye to how technology can support strategy.”

Senior Director of Customer Experience at Intel
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