5 Steps to Implement RevOps in your Organization Without a New Department

Here are 5-steps your team can take to realistically and practically rev-up revenue operations in your organization.

The Realistic RevOps Roadmap

The concept of revenue operations (RevOps) is quickly gaining momentum as a strategic tool to increase the alignment between Sales and Marketing departments.

You may want to capitalize on this strategy, but don’t know where to start, or if it is even possible to do within your own organization. Setting up a whole new department takes time, is costly, and is challenging to get buy-in to move past the planning phase.

That’s why we created The Realistic RevOps Roadmap. It shares 5 stops to realistically and practically drive revenue operations in your organization without needing to set up a whole new department:

  1. Attribution
  2. Lead Scoring
  3. Buyer Journey Mapping
  4. Lead Management
  5. Revenue Operations

Read on for the what, why and how of each step or download the roadmap now!

Step 1: Attribution

This first stop is crucial to help Marketing move beyond the “creatives” perspective.

What is it?  Attribution is all about linking Marketing spend to closed deals. If you don’t make this connection, Marketing remains discretionary.

Why does it matter? On your journey to RevOps, attribution is the critical piece that provides the proof that Marketing is an essential part of the revenue equation, just like Sales.

How to get started? Get buy-in from Sales leadership that it is critical for marketing to see how they contribute to revenue in order to drive better leads for Sales.

Step 2: Lead Scoring

For the second stop on the RevOps roadmap, our tip is probably not what you first thought when you read the words lead scoring.

What is it? For us, lead scoring is actually about aligning Marketing and Sales through collaboration.

Why does it matter? Lead scoring helps your Marketing and Sales teams create constant and consistent touch points and feedback loops at the most important funnel stage – the handover from Marketing to Sales.

How to get started? First, establish clear and documented agreements on what parameters constitute a good lead. Second, get a commitment from Sales to follow up on every lead and provide feedback on lead quality.

Step 3: Buyer Journey Mapping

This third stop is all about focusing on data-based insights.

What is it? Buyer journey mapping is all about understanding the process of discovery your buyers go through, and then, aligning it with how you intend to serve them.

Why does it matter? This stop helps to create a picture of your funnel that is informed by how the customer actually buys, not by popular opinion. It also gives you the ability to start measuring conversion ratios and velocity of your leads through the funnel stages.

How to get started? Start by mapping the journey. Then, define your funnel stages and determine the actions you’ll take at each stage to accelerate the sales cycle.

Step 4: Lead Management

For this stop, think about conversion and velocity.

What is it? Lead Management focuses on increasing the velocity, volume and conversion of your Marketing funnel.

Why does it matter? This one is a no brainer. It grows your revenue. It really is as simple as that.

How to get started? Begin to systematically analyze conversion and velocity at each stage of your funnel to identify specific tactics you can pilot to improve.

Step 5: Revenue Operations

You’re almost there!

What is it? RevOps is truly about creating a team that is consistently working together on a lead management mandate.

Why does it matter? This stop focuses on operationalizing the repeatability of lead management, giving it more focus, attention and commitment.

How to get started? If you’ve followed the 5 stops on the roadmap, you’re well on your way. Continue to leverage the data and results from the previous 4 stops to make the business case for revenue operations in your organization.

Drive better alignment & more sales with RevOps

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