10 tips to improve B2B marketing & sales automation in your organization

Maximize your existing marketing and sales automation investment using this handy 1-paged checklist with 10 important tips. Check it out!

As more and more martech automation tools flood the market, companies can make quick decisions on which ones to adopt to stay fresh on the latest and greatest. This can mean existing tools go under-utilized. If companies focus on maximizing use of their existing automation’s capabilities, it can actually pave the way for a smoother lead transition between sales and marketing, and lead to more conversions. So, how do you get the most out of your automation?

We have created a handy 1-paged checklist with 10 tips to help your organization improve the existing B2B marketing & sales automation tools in your organization.

This checklist is broken down into 3 sections:

  1. Four Business Process Considerations
  2. Three Marketing Automation Tips
  3. Three Sales Automation Rules

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Four Business Process Considerations

First things first – before you implement automation, you have to ensure your organization has a few things in place:

  • There is alignment among leadership and a willingness to invest in full funnel marketing to increase conversions.
  • The buyer journey is mapped out.
  • Definitions for each buyer stage are clear.
  • There is a consensus around anticipated response (timing and actions) to buyer needs.

Three Marketing Automations Tips

Next, you have to orchestrate your funnel. Marketing’s role is to always stay one step ahead and anticipate the buyer’s need by serving relevant content to move them through the funnel. Here’s how you do that:

  • Map content to funnel stage – each piece of content should be tagged to a stage (awareness, interest, consideration), to help determine where buyers are in their journey with you.
  • Rank content engagement to determine present stage and timing around transition to subsequent stages. Apply automation rules around when to serve that content.
  • Trigger re-marketing – content is personalized based on frequency of engagement and served across multiple channels (email, social, website etc.).

Three Sales Automations Rules

Lastly, make sure you simplify your follow up. Any good sales team needs rules in place to standardize engagement expectations, with the CRM triggering sales actions. Here is where you should begin:

  • Set lead assignment & notification rules based on lead score, territory & other factors relevant to your company.
  • Create reminder workflow rules for sales follow up – each stage should have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) defined that includes both acceptance/rejection and timeline for expected follow up from sales.
  • Set escalation & rerouting rules – when the SLA follow up timeline is exceeded, escalate to manager or reroute to another rep.

Drive more conversions with automation

Download our 1 page automation checklist to get the most out of your automation, enabling the customer journey and driving conversions.

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